4 DD update

Not much has changed since the 24th June update. Work parties have been on site on the 1st, 8th,22nd and 29th. Just Chris Hurst and the owner for the 1st, 8th and 29th. On the 1st mainly site maintenance was carried out, also another side of the shed had some creosote put on it.

On the 8th further clearance was carried out early on. But later some scraping was done on the bogie removing layers of old paint. Also the roller blinds was taken home for restoration as some replacement roller blinds had been sent to us thanks to Mark O’Brian-Dellamare for sending these to us. Interesting both roller blinds did not come out of 13003 originally and both came out of motor coaches 13001 and 13002.

On the 15th July a break was taken from work on site for our first sales stand at slade green (The DD original home). Chris was joined on the sales stand by Mark Hickmott, Steve Smith and Stephen Chambers and family. Where we met several member of the EPB group and Southern Electric group. It was good day where we raised over £120.

On the 22nd July Chris was joined by Mark Hickmott, Kerry Hickmott and Ian ross where further work carried out cleaning the front bogie and tidying up other areas of site and paint the shed.

On the 29th July Chris was on site where further shed painting and site clearance was carried out.

For more information about the 4DD

. Our website is http://bulleid4dddoubledeck.co.uk/index.html. If you are interested in helping out, our contact details are on the website.