Esmond Lewis Evans R.I.P.

I have been given permission by the Lewis Evans Family to inform you the following information:

It is with sadness to say that Esmond Lewis Evans has Passed Away on the afternoon of 5/8/2017.
As many will know Esmond was at the forefront of Railway Preservation in the early years.
Without him, The Bulleid 4DD, 01 Class 0-6-0 number 65 and many Pullman Cars and much more, wouldn’t be here today….
Since the 4DD group started working with Esmond Lewis Evans on the restoration of the 4DD, we had the opportunity to get to know him really well. We will miss his stories of the ‘Old Days’ his wit and most of all, a man who was a true Gent!
A legend in Railway Preservation.
RIP Lewis, We will miss you!

Esmond Lewis Evans