Modelling News Late November 2017

Kernow Model Railway Centre‘s Bulleid diesel locomotives 10201 and 10202 are now in stock and it is expected that they will be despatched to those who ordered them in advance as soon as practical given that KMRC also has a large despatch of LSWR Gate Stock coaches underway.  A review and pictures will appear in our modelling section as soon as possible, but suffice it to write that they are stunning models and the wait has been well worth it.  Please note the above picture was taken prior to fitting detail parts supplied separately.

Hornby announced in the latest (Autumn 2017) edition of their Collectors’ Club magazine that a new version of their Brighton Belle (5Bel) model will be available in 2018.  This new incarnation will be of unit 3053 in mid-late 1960s umber and cream with small yellow warning panels and the later Pullman crest.  This is valid between 6th January  1967 to 3rd April 1969.  Hornby state this will please many modellers, including myself as this is the peak of my modelling time period, but the reality is that over four versions Hornby have yet to produce  a model that covers the bulk of these units’ existence (the four versions only cover short-lived incarnations) and the period January 1937 to August 1961 is crying out to be represented.  To re-cap, their model of 2051 in umber and cream livery represents June 1934 to January 1937, 3052 in umber and cream livery August 1961 to April 1966 and 3053 in blue & grey livery May 1969 to 30th April 1972 (withdrawal).  None of these four versions can realistically be run at the same time.   Hornby have also stated that compared to previous versions there will be revised coupling arrangements between the cars and revised internal lighting as per their recent “K” type locomotive hauled Pullman cars. They also state that “correctly, no exterior lighting is provided on the unit”, but what about the illumination of the headcode panels?  For the first time in the history of this model this version will only be sold as a  complete 5 car unit, product code R3606, suggested retail price £394.99.   However, demonstrating as much unity and certainty as the Cabinet over Brexit a Hornby regional rep has been heard to tell a model shop proprietor that this model going into production is not a done deal.  Mixed messages – this is Britain in 2017!

Southern Region Models are to produce a new 4mm scale resin kit (to a smilar specification as their existing range) of an Eastern section, what I am pedantically going to call a, “3” but the kit is publicised as a 3SUB. A Bulleid steel augmention trailer can be bought separately to model what accurately can be called a 4Sub.  More details on their website, link as above.


Colin Duff, Modelling Officer.