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Class 73’s at Horsham

Graham Lelliott has been out with his camera, the photos show four GBRF Class 73’s (two at the back unidentifiable), 73107 “Tracy” and 73119 “Borough of Eastleigh” sitting alongside several Network Rail RHTT Windhoff...

Heljan UK catalogue

Heljan – yet more new Cromptons

Very late in 2019 Heljan announced a torrent of new 4mm scale Class 33 models, these being in addition to many new versions which at the time of posting have still to appear (though...

Hornby 2020 Range

                      For many modellers the 2020 purchasing season (or at least thinking about ordering) began at 9am on Monday 6th January with Hornby Railway’s...

444006 in new livery

Ashley Barras was in Waterloo on 11th December 2019 and photographed 444006 in a new South West Railway Livery.