The Southern Electric Group (SEG) is recognised as the leading organisation for devotees of the Southern Electric system and since it was founded in 1970 it has been an authoritative source of information on the “Southern Electric” which expanded so rapidly in the south-east between 1925 and 1939. It continued to expand, albeit at a rather slower pace, after 1947 when it became a part of British Rail. Today, in respect of its size and track mileage, it remains a disproportionately large player in the field of railway business, particularly on the passenger side, within the United Kingdom’s railway network.

The Group publishes a bimonthly journal for members, Live Rail, which provides rolling stock changes, reports on details of the ongoing scene and looks seriously at various aspects of the operations; past, present and future. It contains many articles and features, and aims to be an interesting and comprehensive publication.

There are regular visits to Southern Electric depots, signal boxes, stations and other installations. These visits are restricted to members only.

The Group is well known for preservation of the only complete, privately owned, main line electric multiple unit trains in the UK. This is “4COR” unit, number 3142. Built for the 1938 Mid-Sussex line electrification to Portsmouth and Bognor Regis, the unit is under restoration to operational condition and is currently housed on the East Kent Railway and elsewhere in Kent. Volunteers are always welcomed by the preservation team —as also are donations towards the high cost of the work involved!

The Group has two Branches which meet monthly, offering illustrated talks, slide shows as well as other attractions. The Sussex Branch meets at Southwick, between Brighton and Worthing and the South Hampshire Branch meets at Eastleigh.

To assist modellers, a good number of whom figure amongst the membership, there is a Modelling Secretary who is often available to provide assistance.

The Group publishes books on the Southern Electric which are available by post to non-members from Southern Electric Group Sales. The Group regularly attends railway events throughout the Southern Electric area often with a Southern Electric Group Sales stand.

If you are interested in joining the Southern Electric Group, please complete print the application form page and send by letter mail to the Membership Secretary together with your remittance. Unfortunately, the Southern Electric Group is unable to accept membership applications by email. The Group has a codified constitution.

If you would like further information, or a free sample of the Live Rail magazine beforehand, again please email the Membership Secretary with your name and address with details of your request

Instant Membership is also available at events, railtours, etc where the Group is represented.