Bulleid 4-DD group

Bulleid 4-DD Double Deck EMU Group

The Bulleid 4-DD Double Deck EMU Group. The 4-DD units were a unique experiment in UK train design, an experiment which carried on in service for over 20 years.

4 DD at Charing Cross

The Bulleid Double Deck EMU Group is a unofficial group of around half a dozen people (who got together in November 2015) who are making sure that the carriage (13003) in Sellindge is at least protected. We are working with the owner and have made considerable progress in the last year. We have made the storage site accessable and safe. Removed rust and primed parts of the frames. Started to clear the inside of the carriage with perticular attention to the Guards Van and Cab at present. We have constructed two sheds for storage and workshop use. Have a small generator and have discussed and have solutions for many missing parts including the EE507 motor. The Glass is all intact and all the compartment fittings are secure. We are aware that the body work may need total replacement but the frames and bogies seem in good condition. Ideally we would like to have a ownership/restoration agreement so we can fund raise. The carriage is owned by a gentleman who we were told would never talk to us, who now trusts us as a group and as long as we are careful how we move forward we feel that hopefully 13003 will have a better future. We have kept fundraising low profile amongst us and interested parties. Reports have been in Railway Magazine but they have come from reporters repeating posts in social media (We grew from a facebook page that is very active and has over 1200 members).  We are always looking for new photos of the unit in service and are also looking for any photos of the carriages when being transported on low loader between storage/preservation sites. 

The carriage at Northampton 13004 is one we would like to help with but so far we have had no reply to any approach we have made.

The group is Facebook based (which if we succeed will be a first), however we do have a website which has updates from our working parties plus a history of the units and a number of photos which we have been allowed to use. Please feel free to have a look.

Working parties take place most Saturdays so if anyone is interested in coming along please contact our working party co-ordinator Mark Hickmott via FB or we have a Yahoo Group.