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Report on 28th August 2017.

Sorry there has not been many preservation updates lately. We have had a few working days but due to other commitments we have not had much of a chance to get much work done over the last few months.
That said we are now starting to get back together and starting to prepare the passenger saloon of coach 11161 for its re-fit.
However before we go too far we need to stop the water getting in when it rains and we don’t have any time to complete the roof before the weather turns.
We are currently looking at options to stop the rain water getting into driving motor coach 11161.
As the Cor units have a canvas roof which is very expensive and takes a long time to install, we are looking at getting a suitable hard wearing tough roof cover to stop the water getting in before the winter sets in.
We have decided to go for a 610gsm PVC cover which is fully UV stabilised and waterproof.
This will cost us £622
We can then continue with the restoration of the coach over the winter months with our aim of getting this coach into passenger service during next years running season alongside 11187.
If you wish to donate to our roof cover then donations will be gratefully received.
Further information can be found on our web-site.
Even when the roof has been worked on this cover will provide much improved protection over the winter months which will prolong the life of the roof covering.