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2 Bil 2090 & 75S on display at Shildon

banner at the entrance to Locomotion
exterior of the Collection building
, The National Railway Museum at Shildon, County Durham, opened on September 25th 2004. This is the first national museum to be built in the north east of England and it incorporates the Timothy Hackworth Museum. Thus on one long linear site is a display of vehicles from the reserve collection of the NRM and the workshops that give Shildon a rightful place in railway history.

The photographs on this page were taken on the morning of 27th September 2004 by Colin Duff.
interior of the Collection building
After many years out of public view the National Collection's 2 Bil unit is now on display Locomotion. The Waterloo & City electric locomotive 75S, previously on display at the NRM York, can also be seen here. Adams T3 class 4-4-0 563, also previously at York and a BR Southern Region horsebox, last seen at York during Railfest, are the other two exhibits of specific Southern interest at Shildon.
trailer composite of the 2 Bil The unit has been magnificently repainted into a "middle period" green livery - no warning yellow ends, no first class yellow strip at cantrail level but with BR carriage roundels. The trailer composite is at the western end.
driving motor cab end The exhibits are positioned almost buffer to buffer making getting a decent view of the ends difficult.
driving motor second of the 2 Bil The driving motor second is at the eastern end.
Waterloo & City electric locomotive The two Southern Electric exhibits at Shildon are kept (very) closely together.

Please note the Waterloo & City battery locomotive 75S was moved to the , Leeds, during 2007.