Preserved BR EMUs, DEMUs, Trailer Units & Locomotives
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Preserved BR EMUs, DEMUs, Trailer Units & Locomotives

Please note this listing does not include departmental/service vehicles or vehicles stored for potential departmental/service use.


Southern Railway Designed EPB Units

  • The very first EPB unit 4EPB 5001 was restored to green livery in its final days in BR traffic and was available for special traffic purposes. In this condition it was used by the Southern Electric Group for railtours including the very final EPB stock tour. Following withdrawal in 1995 it was stored at MoD Kineton in hope of a preservation bid. Unfortunately this did not transpire and in April 2004 the cars were moved by road to MoD Shoeburyness for removal of asbestos prior to scrapping at SimsMetals Cardiff during May 2004. Members of the Southern Electric Group and the EPB Preservation Society were gratefully able to remove parts for use on their respective preserved EMUs.
  • 4EPB 5176 in its final days in BR traffic 5176 was restored to British Rail corporate image overall blue livery and was part of the final EPB stock railtour operated by the SEG. It was preserved by the Bulleid Electric Preservation Society. Unfortunately the unit has now been split. Three coaches are at The Northamptonshire Ironstone Railway Trust while the fourth coach is at the Coventry Railway Centre located at Coventry Airport.
  • 2EPB 6307 is owned by Paul Martin and is at the Coventry Railway Centre subject to a new agreement being reached.
  • SR 2EPB units 6308 and 6309 were for many years stored at MoD Shoeburyness but they have recently been cut up at Sims Metals, Newport.

British Railways Designed EPB Units

  • 2EPB 5759 is preserved by the EPB Preservation Group and located on the East Kent Railway in Kent.
  • An ex-Tyneside 2EPB has been preserved by the Suburban Electric Railway Association. It consists of cars 65321 (from unit 5791) and 77112 (from unit 5793) last used as departmental 977505 and 977508 respectively. It is located at the Coventry Railway Centre located at Coventry Airport.
  • BR 2EPB units 6213 and 6402 were for many years stored at MoD Shoeburyness but they have recently been cut up at Sims Metals, Newport.

4Cep Units and coaches

Details of the history of 4Cep units appear in Kent Coast feature.

  • 1198 (in previous incarnations 2314, 2304 and 2xDMSO plus TBC of 7175) is at the Chinnor & Princes Risborough Railway in its last incarnation as a 3 car unit.
  • 2311 (in previous incarnations 2301 and 2xDMSO plus TBC of 7019) and 2315  (in previous incarnations 2305 and 2xDMSO of 7016 plus TBC of 7011) are at the Eden Valley Railway.
  • 2325 (in previous incarnations 1537 and the pioneer 7105) is in the ownership of the EPB Preservation Group at the East Kent Railway. It is currently being restored back to its original (pre-refurbishment) condition. Please see .
  • DMSOs 61742 and 61743 from unit 1589/7178 are at the Dartmoor Railway. 61742 is being used for stores and 61743 once operated as part of the "Dartmoor Pony" set.
  • TSO 70262 from unit 1524/7113 operates as part of the Hastings Diesels Limited train.
  • TSOs 70284 (from unit 1520/7135), 70296 (from unit 1559/7147)  and 70510 (from unit 1597/7161) are at The Northamptonshire Ironstone Railway Trust.
  • TSOs 70294 (from unit 1697/1552/7145) and 70512 (from unit 1699/1605/7163) serve as lecture rooms at HMP Lindholme.
  • TSO 70300 (from unit 1698/1540/7151) is a static restaurant at the Fighting Cocks public house, Middleton St. George, Darlington.
  • TBC 70345 (from unit 1500/7153 the prototype refurbished unit, latterly from 1547) is now being restored at Sutton Bridge, South Lincolnshire, by its new owner.
  • TBC 70346 (from unit 1532/7003) is owned by C.A.R. Services UK Ltd and its up for sale at Kineton.
  • TSO 70508 (from unit 1595/7159) is now on the Dartmoor Railway with Cig 1393.
  • TSO 70527 (from unit 1589/7178) has been converted to a dining car at Whitwell and Reepham station.
  • TSO 70547 from unit (1569/7198) latterly operating within 207203 is now serving as a private office in Hungerford.
  • TSO 70549 from unit (1567/7200) now operates as part of 207202 running on the East Lancashire Railway.
  • TSOs 70292 (from unit 1398/1554/7143) and 70531 (from unit 1396/1610/7182), having been used as part of a cafe at West Bay, Bridport, Dorset, are now back in store at Long Marston.
  • TBC 70576 (from unit 1589/7178) is at the Snibston Discovery Park Leicestershire.

2Hap Units

Details of the history of 2Hap units appear in our Kent Coast feature.

  • 4308/6077 part of the National Collection, is stored at the National Railway Museum York.
  • 4311 has been preserved by members of the Suburban Electric Railway Association and is located at Coventry Railway Centre at Coventry Airport.

MLV - Motor Luggage Van

These Motor Luggage Vans were all built for the Kent Coast electrification and specially for working in boat trains. Details of the history of MLVs appear in Kent Coast Part 5, the preserved ones are located at:

4Big Buffet Cars

Many of the buffets from the 4Big EMUs have been sold and are located at the following locations:

  • 69302 from unit 2251/2101/7032 was last known to be at the Abbey View Disabled Day Centre, Neath, but is thought no longer to be there. If anyone can verify its current status/whereabouts please inform the webmaster.
  • 69304 from unit 2260/2110/7034 is at The Northamptonshire Ironstone Railway Trust
  • 69306 from unit 2254/2002/2254/2104/7036 is at The Spa Valley Railway.
  • 69307 from unit 2256/2106/7037 is at Widnes International Rail Depot.
  • 69310 from unit 2255/2003/2255/2105/spare/7040 and 69332 from unit 2257/2203/7051 are at the Dartmoor Railway.
  • 69313 from unit 2253/2103/7043 was sold to VSOE as source of B4 bogies and then to the East Somerset Railway. It was moved to J T Lanscapes, Caerwent, on 23rd July 2005, arrived 28th August 2005 and was cut-up 26th September 2005.
  • 69316 from unit 2258/2108/7046 is at the Waverley Route Heritage Association, Whitrope.
  • 69318 from unit 2259/2004/2259/2109/7048 is at the Colne Valley Railway.
  • 69333 from unit 2262/2001/2262/2112/2207/7055 is at The Lavender Line.
  • 69334 from unit 2208/7056 was sold to VSOE as source of B4 bogies and then to the East Somerset Railway. It was moved to J T Lanscapes, Caerwent, on 23rd July 2005, and cut-up 27th September 2005.
  • 69335 from unit 2209/7057 is at The Wensleydale Railway.
  • 69337 from unit 2210/7058 operates as part of the Hastings Diesels Limited train.
  • 69338 from unit 2206/7054 is the station restaurant for the Gulf Corporation in Bahrain.
  • 69339 from unit 2205/7053 is at the Great Central Railway running as part of 1393.

4Cig Units and coaches

  • Phase 1 unit 1753/1127/7327 has been bought by Neil Bird with the NSE Railway Society. It is now stored at the Finmere station site but is only available for public viewing via prior appointment.
  • Phase 2 Cig, at one time Big and Dig, 1392/2255/2003/2255/1290/7390 (Cep TSO from 1530/7124) is located on the Dean Forest Railway . It is to donate its Cep TSO to 1499 (see below) and the remaining unit is stored in a poor, vandalised, state.
  • Phase 2 Cig, at one time Big, 1393/2258/1295/7396 is no longer on the Great Central Railway ,.It was running as a 4 car push-pull stock with the buffet from 2205/7053 replacing the TSO.
  • Phase 2 Cig, at one time Big, 1399/2256/1297/7397 is on the Dartmoor Railway. DTC 76818 is currently being restored at Eastleigh. Please see .
  • 3 Cig 1497 (formerly 1883/1214/7414), having been a "dedicated" unit on the Lymington branch, is now operational on the Mid Norfolk Railway.
  • 3 Cig 1498 (formerly 1888/1223/7423), having been a "dedicated" unit on the Lymington branch, is now on the Epping Ongar Railway. This unit is now up for sale.
  • 3 Cig 1499/1394/2251/1276/7376, having been a "dedicated" unit on the Lymington branch, is now located on the Dean Forest Railway. This unit was to have received the former Cep TSO (from 1530/7124) from 1392 (see above) and be renumbered back to 1394. However, it has now been scrapped due to vandalism though some parts have been recovered for further use.
  • Phase 2 4 Cig 1881 was owned by Knights Rail and was being restored to mainline running standards at Eastleigh Works but has since been sold for use on the Brighton Belle project, although parts that will be not be used on the Brighton Belle will be passed on to other preservation groups.
  • 71041 the TSO from former SWT "Greyhound" unit 1306/1819/7373 was delivered to Hever on the 20th November 2004 and is to be used as an office extension and/or a museum for the company occupying the station building.
  • 71085 the TSO from former SWT 1884/1217/7417 is in use as a café at Deptford .
  • 62287 the MBSO from unit 1303/1816/1237/7337 was originally at the Lincolnshire Wolds Railway Ludborough, near Grimsby, but has since been converted for use in Network Rail's Ultrasonic Test Train UT2. Click here to view. ***Note 7337 was the first of the phase 2 4Cigs which were introduced in 1970 for the Portsmouth Direct line.

4 Vep/Vop/Vip

  • 3417 (2xDTC & TSO from 3017/7717, MBS from 3075/7775) "preserved" by in a modern version of overall blue livery, has been sold to the Bluebell Railway and is currently stored at Clapham Yard.
  • 4Vip 3822 (DTC 76712 and TS 71032 from 3504/3151/7851, MBS 62351 from 3504/3150/7850 and DTSO from 3910/3438/3100/7800) is on the Churnet Valley Railway. The motors have been sold for scrap.
  • DTC 76875 from unit 3545/3161/7861 is part of the National Collection and is now at the National Railway Museum, York.
  • DTC 76887 from unit 3568/3167/7867 has been bought by the Woking Miniature Railway Society for use for various functions.  It was delivered on the 27th April 2006.
  • Three vehicles from 4 Vop 3905, formerly one of the shunters at Chart Leacon (the other being 3918), are now owned by Peter Spokes and are being restored at Eastleigh Works. They will eventually go to the Dartmoor Railway . Please see . The vehicles concerned are DTCs 76397 and 76398 and TSO 70904. The MBSO of this unit was stripped of traction equipment for use by the Brighton Belle project and has been scrapped.

GLV - Gatwick Luggage Van

Networker Prototype



"Hastings" Units

  • Motor coaches 60000, 60001, 60016, 60018 and 60019, together with trailers 60500, 60501, 60502, 60527, 60528, 60529, 60700, 60708, 60709, 60750 from various Hastings six car units are based at St Leonards depot. Some of these are passed for operation over Network Rail routes with one five coach unit frequently hired to regional passenger train operating companies for scheduled services. One Cep and one Big trailer from electric stock have also been acquired to operate with these diesel units. Further details are on the Hastings Diesels Limited website

"Hampshire" & "Berkshire" Units and coaches

  • 205001/1101 is based at the East Kent Railway.
  • 205009/1109 is at the Eden Valley Railway.
  • 205018 was the last unit retained by and is currently at the West Somerset Railway for restoration and will eventually be located at the Dartmoor Railway. This is made up of Hampshire DMBSO 60117 of 1118 and Berkshire DTCL 60828 originally from 1129.
  • 205023/1123  were being restored by the Hampshire & Sussex Units Preservation Society but this group has now been disbanded .   Also involved are TSO cars 60661 ex 205012/1112 and 60669 ex 205024/1124.  DMSO 60122 from 1123 is currently located at the Lavender Line.
  • 205025/1125 is at the Mid Hants Railway.
  • 205028/1128 & 205032/1132 are on the Dartmoor Railway.
  • 205033/1133 is based on the Lavender Line.
  • 205205/205101/1111 is at the the Epping Ongar Railway.
  • DTC 60820 formerly of unit 205008 and prior to that 1121 is owned by Hastings Diesels Limited .

"Oxted" Units and coaches

  • 207202/207102/207005/1305 is now running on the East Lancashire Railway.
  • 207203/207103/207002/1302 is now at the Swindon & Cricklade Railway.
  • 207017/1317 is now running on the Spa Valley Railway and will now include its original TCL 60616 following its donation by its former owners the Hampshire & Sussex Units reservation Society.
  • DMBSO 60138 from unit 207013/1313 is on display at the Museum of Transport in Essex at Walthamstow.



Class 71 (straight Electric)

  • HA E5001 (71001) is part of the National Railway Museum's National collection and was latterly displayed at Locomotion Shildon, County Durham. It is currently at Eastleigh being assesed for restoration to main line running condition (hooray!).

Class 73 (Electro-Diesel)

Class 74 (Electro-Diesel)

Although this class was converted from the Class 71, and was not a success, it is regretted that none were preserved.


Trailer Units

4TC Coaches

  • Eight cars were acquired by London Underground for special traffic use on the Metropolitan Line and are based at Ruislip depot. Four cars have been sold (see following details) and those that remain are:
    DTSOs 76297 ex 415/8015 and 76324 ex 428/8028, TBSK 70823 ex 412/8012  and TFK 71163 ex 430/8030.
  • DTSOs 76298 ex 415/8015 and 76322 ex 427/8027, TFK 70855 ex 412/8012 and TBSK 70824 ex 413/8013 have been bought privately for eventual use on the Swanage Railway but are currently at the Midland Railway Centre, Butterley.
  • DTSO 76275 originally ex 404/8004/(5TC)2808/8004 but also 6 Rep units 1904/1903 and ex 4 Vep units 3582/3196 has been acquired by Hastings Diesels Limited.
  • DTSOs 76301 and 76302 ex 417/8017 are converted for static use as an exhibition car and tea room at the Bellingham Heritage Centre, Hexham.
  • DTSO 76277 ex 405, which was converted to departmental use in May 1985 and became 977335, has now been reserved by the Dartmoor Railway.
  • TBSK 70812 ex 401/8001 and TFK 70860 ex 417/8017 are believed still to be at the Dartmoor Railway awaiting sale.
  • TBSK 70826 ex 415/8015 is now a static exhibit based at the Sandford Station Railway Heritage Centre in Somerset.
  • TFK 70859 ex 416/8016 is at Stravithie Station, Fife.

Gatwick Express Mk2 Stock


Whilst every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of these details, the SEG, and its contributors, cannot be held responsible for errors and omissions.  You are invited to inform the webmaster if you notice any errors and omissions so that we can make this information as accurate as possible.