3142 Club

The 3142 Club offers you the chance of winning cash prizes whilst helping to raise funds for the restoration of ‘4Cor’ 3142, the only preserved complete pre-War main line electric multiple unit. For a subscription of just £2.50 per month, you are entered in a draw for the following prizes below:

Every Month 1.67% of the total subscriptions
After 6 Months 10% of the total subscriptions
After 12 Months 20% of the total subscriptions

Membership of the 3142 Club is unlimited and you can increase your chances of winning by taking out more than one membership. So if you pay £10 per month you are entered in each draw four times.

The 3142 Club is run for a period of 12 months commencing on 1st May each year and you are not committed to subscribe for more than one year.

The rules of the 3142 Club are here, but please note:
•Subscriptions are payable either as an annual lump sum or monthly by Banker’s Order.
•Draws are made monthly and winners are notified individually. Results are published in Live Rail.
•The Club is organised by S.E.G (Preservation) Limited, custodians of 4Cor’ 3142.

This is one of the easiest ways to help preservation, with the added bonus of possibly making a profit!

Please note that this scheme is open to anyone and is not restricted to Southern Electric Group Members.

To join or renew the membership of this club click on the link below for the application form.