Live Rail – our magazine

The current Live Rail (311) was published in March 2024.

Live Rail is the magazine of the Southern Electric Group issued four times each year to only to members.

Every Live Rail contains both topical and historical information about the development and operation of the third rail system. It is produced in a high quality A4 format with four issues each year, published in March, June, September, and December. A one year subscription to the Southern Electric Group will bring four consecutive issues.

Every edition of Live Rail has:
Regional Review Highlights of  day to day happenings, services, infrastructure and the trains themselves in the Southern Electric area under the following sections:

  • Stock Notes – A round up of changes in unit depot allocations and reformations, new deliveries and withdrawals, liveries, paint schemes and many other details concerning the Southern Electric trains of today.
  • Interesting Workings – Notable irregular workings such as diversions, oddly formed trains, etc.
  • Incidents – A summary of events affecting services and travel in the electrified area.
  • Track and Signalling – A look at infrastructure alterations, revised track layouts, new signals, etc.
  • Timetables and Diagrams – Reviews of changes to scheduled services and the booked train types.
  • Ticketing and Fares – News about fare changes, ticket types, etc.
  • Around the Region – News and information about anything that does not fit the above!

Other regular features in most, if not all, editions of Live Rail are:
Group News – Information for members activities, meetings, working party dates for unit 3142, feedback from the management committee and preservation company, etc.
Letters – Group members air their views on Group and Southern Electric matters.
Members Queries – Ranges from anything in the FAQ category through members seeking data for research through to those obscure details.
Meeting Reports – Resumés of Southern Electric Group meetings, seminars and presentations.
Modelling Update – Information, articles and news about modelling the Southern Electric System
Preservation Update – Reports of the work done by the Preservation Team restoring 4COR 3142.