Operation ROC

Operation ROC (Restore our Cor)


Operation ROC is a new campaign to restore our Cor and we need your help.

Operation ROC was launched at our 2022 AGM where members could see first-hand what work is required to restore motor coach S11161S.

We have 5 coaches in total, four of which are in need of restoration.  Motor coach S11187S is currently available for service on The East Kent Railway. Our next aim is to restore motor coach S11161S which is also at Shepherdswell on The East Kent Railway. A lot of work needs to be done to get the coach back into passenger service and once in service this will give us a 2Cor train with 2 motor coaches back-to-back. However the campaign cannot be achieved with our current preservation team. This is because with so few of them much of their time is spent maintaining motor coach S11187S.

We are looking for someone or a small team of people who have the time to investigate various funding options for us. This could be through grants, sponsorship or just good old fashioned fund raising. With a fund raising plan in place we could opt to contract out much of the heavy work in the same way we did with the roofs, that were replaced a couple of years ago to coaches S11161S and S11187S.

This plan would have huge benefits in getting the coach restored. The preservation team may spend one day a fortnight, at best, working on the Cor, a contractor could spend 5 days a week, which means that in one week they can get the work done that would take the preservation team three months or more. Not to mention the contractors specialist skills and tools to complete the job.

Some heritage railways are promoting the “fuss free” type of restoration where enough money is raised for the coach to be sent away to a specialist firm and it is returned fully restored. This is something we could consider  with enough funding, say £100k could be a starting point.

Either way all the time the current preservation team are spending time looking at funding it is taking them away from the physical task of maintaining and restoring our rolling stock. This is where we need someone to join them. Do have the time to spare to help us? WE would expect much of the work to be computer based, researching and applying for grants and sponsorship etc… and providing updates to the Management Committee. We would love to hear from you if you are able to help.

So if you think you might be able to help or need more information, please please get in touch please email Ashley Saunders at preservation@southernelectric.org.uk

Alternately we are always looking for more hands for the physical work at Shepherdswell.


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